Everest Container Freight Station

Everest CFS is a new independent Container Freight Station in Christchurch.  The CFS is based in Hornby with a 1400m2 modern facility.

The container freight station is MPI approved and Customs bonded. Here we devan import containers and pack export containers for a wide range of customers. Container devans and packs are the core business.  There is also the facility and space within the CFS for storage, long or short term. A pick and pack option is also available.

Hours of operation is Monday to Friday 8am until 5pm.

Please contact one of the team if you require the services of Everest CFS or would like to know if they can complete a job for you.

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Dominique Von Hagen, Tracey Penfold, Tom Crosbie or Kirsten Hedges

Ph: +64 3 962 3150

Email: dominique@everestcfs.co.nz tracey@everestcfs.co.nz tom@everestcfs.co.nz kirsten@everestcfs.co.nz or office@everestcfs.co.nz 

Local Metro Trucking - cartage@everestcfs.co.nz

Intercity Cartage & Lodging Documents - office@everestcfs.co.nz

Airfreight Prealerts - airfreight@everestcfs.co.nz


Jonny Everest - Director  Mob: 021 716 884 Email: jonny@everestglobal.co.nz

Nikki Everest - CEO Mob: 021 716 885 Email: nikki@everestglobal.co.nz

Phil Black - General Manager  Mob: 021 716 772 Email; phil@everestglobal.co.nz

Dominique Von Hagen - CFS Manager Mob: 027 315 5525 Email: dominique@everestcfs.co.nz